Site Services

Use the site services to get statistics site usage and modify site features such as reward percentages.



The GetOfflineCategories method returns a list of all the offline categories for your site.

Request Parameters

Field Field Type Data Type Description
Authorization Header String This is the authorization token you'll get from the site administrator console. You must send this string with every api request.
Method URL String To use this method you must use the string: GetOfflineCategories


If you want to get the offline categories for your site use the following url along with the authorization string in your header:


Below are the fields it returns.

Field Type Description
Categories Array An array of the categories.

Categories Array

Field Type Description
ID Integer The ID of the category.
Name String The name of the category.
GoogleTypes String The Google types associated with the category. Used for google places searches.
GoogleKeywords String The Google keywords associated with the category. Used for google places searches.
Categories Array An array containing any sub-categories of this category. Allows for infinite levels of categories.


Here is an example of a JSON response.

{"Categories":[{"ID":654,"GoogleKeywords":"","Name":"Active Life","GoogleTypes":"","Categories":
[{"ID":655,"GoogleKeywords":"","Name":"Amateur Sports Teams","GoogleTypes":"","Categories":[]},

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