Remote Login

We provide remote login so you can send users from your system to ours without the need for them to login on our site or even know that they changed sites.

To use the remote login functionality you must have the capability to produce a hash. We use an MD5 hash to verify your identity as well as the identity of the user you are trying to remotely login. The following url variables are required when you send a user to our site using remote login.

URL Fields:
Field Description
remotelogin The username of the user you're trying to login
agent This is a specific ID you will be provided when you apply for remote login capabilities

An MD5 hash of the site password as well as the user password.

This is what the string you hash should look like:

Obviously you replace the words userPassword and sitePassword with the passwords you're using to verify your identity. Make sure you include the dashes in the string and the word remotelogin at the beginning or the hash verification will fail.


If you had an agent ID of 12345 and you were trying to remotely login for a user with the username of bill whose password was password and your site password was admin your url would look like the following.

If the login is successful the user will be on the front page of your irebates site. Otherwise it will display a login error.